Musings on Grace

What I find when I honestly look inside myself is a resistance to shed the flesh of self-indulgence and hesitance to live in the grace of spiritual service to God – which requires motion, not inaction. The things I’m learning about grace are powerful – as I grow in grace I realise that grace is not just this passive existence of vacationing with God. It has demands. Not judgmental demands like, ‘Do this or you’ll suffer.’ Grace does not demand with frowning, suspicion, or patronizing words. No, but it does say that if you understand and live in it, you will be active. Active in doing the things God has called you to do. And I feel I am preaching myself a sermon here. I am too passive in my understanding of grace – and too passionless. If I truly knew the depths of grace I would live with such a different outlook and perspective. What would it look like? I guess that’s a question I’ll have to ponder and write on some other time…


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