How I Met Sam Part 28

On the weekends Sam and I would talk non-stop until late at night. We shared our lives, our struggles, our journey. We had many similar experiences with teenage depression and spiritual struggles of purpose. I remember Sam telling me that he longed for a wife, whom he would aim to treat as a queen. When he said that I longed to be that wife! But at that point we hardly knew each other and he was not even considering me as an option! I will say that some of his words in passing were casual and innocent - not hinting at anything in any way. I knew that he was not suggesting anything, even though I really wished he were. This knowledge, that I was sitting talking to a wonderful man who longed to treat his future wife like his queen, but who didn't mean anything by it was difficult for me to stomach. I mean that literally. About a half hour after he said these things I began to vomit.
Being the very noble gentleman that he was, he followed me into the throne room while I knelt at the porcelain throne and emptied my guts. He had no clue that it was his words that had begun to churn my stomach! And I was too busy kneeling and him too busy being supportive, patting my back and handing me toilet paper to wipe my mouth, to let him know the multitude of thoughts and emotions whirling around in my head.


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