Bring on the Advice

Our kids are fighting a lot these days.

Caleb is happily in the room he shares with Priscilla.  He is listening to his stereo while drawing pictures.  Priscilla and Timo come in and want to listen to their stuff.  They interrupt him.  But it's her room too.  So there's fights and chaos.  Caleb is mad.  He wants to exist and endure family life until he gets out on his own and wants to never get married or have children or a family because it is all such a headache.

I plead with them to get along - to be peacemakers.  I try not to yell.  Then I do - and repent later - and apologize to them.

I give consequences.  I withhold treats.  I reward the good.

I have failed as a mother.

I am doing something wrong.

'Caleb just grabbed the mask from me.  He won't give it to me.'  yells Timo.

What do I do?  Tell me people.


  1. As far as the room sharing goes, I'd say set a timer (30 minutes, an hour, your call) and say that Caleb gets to have the room To use as he sees fit. Then swap and Priscilla has the same turn. It sounds like Caleb really needs alone time when he can get it and this is a way to honor that.

    1. Great idea! going to try it right now! Thanks!

  2. Great idea Em! I only have one son so I have no experience to bank on! Sounds a riot! Patsy from
    HeARTworks and


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