How I met Sam - Our first dates 12

The next weekend when he arrived we went out to eat at a greasy-joint Indian place where if you carefully watch you may catch a view of a quick rodent sneaking along behind a gutter that failed to get properly enclosed.  The food was delicious.  (For you Hong Kongers, this was in Chung King Mansions - where only the brave dare to venture).  I never asked Sam, but now I wonder if I didn't impress him with my extreme flexibility in eating ambience.  Because, really, it was not the most romantic place to eat out.  But romance is all in the heart - more than the bells and whistles of exterior candlelight and caviar (yech).  A favourite verse of ours in establishing our home has been 'Better a dry crust with peace than feasting with strife.'  People matter more than food.  And at this point, Sam was mattering very much to me.

I have it on good word that Sam did a little shopping on his own that weekend.

The following evening my Mom had asked if she could cook us a special meal.  I'll never forget it.  The roof of our house was flat, as I've explained before - with a waist-high wall around it.  Perfect for a warm evening dinner for two.  She had it all set up with a fine dining decor - tablecloth, tealight candles lining the wall all around us.  Sparkling grape juice.  Eggplant Parmesan.  A pleasant breeze.  (If you don't like eggplant I'll bet you haven't had it the way my Mom makes it - delicious!)  If anything could have an aphrodesiatic (is that a word?!) effect - this was the clincher!

After enjoying our meal, he took me in his arms and kissed me unapologetically!

Moments later, Mom came and took our picture.  It is still on our fridge to this day.

The following week my parents had need to travel to the U.S. and I realized if he was going to ask their permission to marry me, it would either be before their departure or after their return.

We'd known each other for 4 weeks now.  Sounds like such a short time now.  But at that point the days were endless.


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