How I met Sam - Our Engagement

On Saturday, November 13th I woke up anticipating the days events.  It can be very easy for a fast-growing relationship to become all-consuming - to focus all one's energies on it and think and do nothing else.  I knew I could sit around the house all day counting down the hours until Sam would arrive in the evening.  Or I could use the day for other things - things of pleasure, interest or rest - if only to distract myself from the waiting.

There happened to be  a school fair on that day - with craft stalls, games and the like - at my old high school (ShaTin Collge).  I donned a white, flowy, embroidered, peasant-type blouse - feeling very romantic and headed off to the fair.

At the fair I acquired a pretty garland - tiny yellow roses woven around about with green leaf-like twine, with ribbons and delicate touches.  I came home and seeing as it was Saturday with nothing on the agenda, and as I was tired, I decided to take a nap.  The way things had been going, Sam and I would stay up 'til the wee hours each evening he visited, talking.  I was gearing up for more of the same.  The couple who had visited Sam were now returning for another visit - in my parents' absence.

I forget what time it was when I awoke.  The doorbell rang - it was around 2 p.m.  I groggily rolled out of bed and trudged down to the door - a little perturbed that my nap was disturbed.

I opened the door and cameras started flashing at me.  A Chinese delivery man handed me a plaque.  A huge box sat in the driveway.  A delivery van was nearby and a photographer was at the ready.  I suddenly was a bit self-conscious - that I looked so disheveled from my nap - complete with sheet-print embedded on my face.


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