How I met Sam - Our first dates 11

So, on with the story...

After touring his rather elaborate apartment and meeting a few of his work colleagues it was time to head back to Hong Kong - an hour ride to the border and about an hour home from there.  Sam so very kindly decided to accompany me on the ride to the border.  Remember, even though he had talked with my parents about our friendship we still had not had any such relationship defining talk between us.  Things were moving too fast to sit around and define the relationship.  Really.

While we were chauffeured in the nice mercedes mini-van we sat and talked.  At one point in the conversation Sam stopped and mused aloud, 'Well, I think it can be said that Sam Logan finally has a girl.'  That was all he said - I barely caught it.  I didn't know if that meant 'we are an item now.'  I was dying to ask him what he meant.  But I didn't.  Best to just sit tight and enjoy the ride.  Why ruin the enjoyment of friendship with heavy discussions of what term best described us?  I know, I know, that's probably the healthy, ideal, systematic way to do things.  But we weren't following Robert's Rules of Order in establishing mutual liking in male-female relations.

I left him at the border and we entered another week of emailing and anticipating our next visit - a whole week seemed like an eternity.  But through writing we were able to share much about ourselves.  And when we unpack some boxes and I discover the file holding them I'll continue to publish the more public-friendly ones.  Tee hee.  You can in your imagination fill in the gaps.


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