Stress Relievers for Moms

1.  Jump on the trampoline.  Count to 100.  Take a break.  Jump again.  Repeat as necessary.

2.  Straight jackets for the kids and padded sound-proof rooms.  Not available?  Skip this one.

3.  Movie for the kids.  Take a hot bath.  Read 'Resolutions of a saintly scholar.'  After 5 minutes, switch to lighter reading.

4.  Play Rachmaninoff's Prelude in G Minor, Opus 23. No. 5.  Play the loud parts really loud.  Can't play piano?  You Tube it and blast it for all to hear.

5.  Gardening.  Make sure kids are secure and safe first.

6.  Cleaning.  Scrubbing and laundry are the best.

7.  Declutter - especially things that are in your way that you ask yourself, 'Why is this here?  I'm getting rid of it.' when you come across it.

8.  Coffee.  Ritalin.  (For you or your kids).

9.  Go for a walk.  Kids in tow or left at home if someone responsible is there for them.  Rules for walks?  No whining, stress, or dragging heels allowed.

10.  Lock yourself in the bathroom.  Plug your ears.  Pray silently or aloud.

11.  Individual interviews/prayer time with each kid.

12.  Gather together as a family and ask kids to pray for you because the stress is getting to you.  God surely listens to the requests of the little ones.


  1. Love your humor and these are wonderful ideas!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I tried your website but it wasn't there.

  2. Wonderful ideas! :)



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