Thou Mighty to Save

Just after writing my previous post on all the family events, I sat down to play the piano.  Other than jumping on a trampoline, there is no therapy quite like the piano and an old hymnal or two.  Here are some of the choice gleanings I stumbled upon tonight - read and wonder why you (or I) don't peruse old hymnals more often. (Side note: I used to lay in bed with stacks of hymnals beside my bed and peruse them before bed).

Thou Mighty to Save ................. Fanny Crosby

O Jesus, my Lord and Saviour, Who gavest Thy life for me,
No room in my heart for pleasures That have not their trust in Thee;
Earth has no abiding city, - Not here is my place of rest, -
I seek for a brighter country, A home with the pure and blest.

The world like a dream will vanish, The hope like the years decay,
Its beauties like dewy blossoms Will wither and pass away;
But Thou wilt abide unchanging, My sure defense wilt be;
O Jesus, my Lord and Saviour, I'm trusting alone in Thee.

O what are the toils and labours, the crosses that now I bear,
Compared with the crown immortal Laid up for my soul to wear?
'Twill matter to me but little What conflicts I have passed,
If after the strife is ended, I rest at Thy feet at last.

And oh, when my course is finished, And victor's palm I wave, To Thee will I give the glory, 
O Thou who art mighty to save,
To Thee will I give the glory...
O Thou Who art mighty to save.

My Anchor Holds ......................... Frank C. Huston
(musical notation reads: 'With a positive joy')

We all are fellow sailors, Upon the sea of life;
For some, the ship rides bravely, For some 'tis storm and strife.
But I have found a haven, Where love my bark enfolds,
And tho' fierce winds be blowing - My anchor holds.

Tho' angry winds be blowing, And wild the stormy sea,
I'm safe within the harbour, No harm can come to me.
With Jesus as my refuge, His love my soul enfolds,
And whatsoe'er befall me, My anchor holds.

My anchor holds, My anchor holds!  In Jesus there is refuge, His love enfolds,
my anchor holds, My anchor holds, Tho' fierce the storms around me, My anchor holds.


  1. I love these! Thank you for sharing them.

  2. love your wittings Sarah and these hymns are awesome some of my favorite cds are just old hymns :)


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