How I met Sam - Our First Dates 13

That week my parents left and life went on as normal - as normal as it can be when twitterpated.

I was falling behind in my class - trying to teach English and focus when all I could think of was Sam.  I had been doing fairly well in this course, but after the burglary and the ensuing roller-coaster I found it very difficult to concentrate on grammar, teaching methods and school work.

Around the time my parents left a couple we knew came for  trip to Hong Kong, then on to China.  This couple had known me since I was about 10 and had also, independent of us, known Sam's family - since he was around 10!!!  They stayed with us a couple days and then decided to stop and visit Sam before heading on to their other visits.  We had some time to chat with them and they were on their way.

I didn't know it at the time, but Sam had been praying about significant life choices - involving me - and had decided to seek their counsel about these major life decisions.  (When I later discovered this, I was aghast - you mean my fate depended on their very brief insights into my life?!  Thankfully, they came through for me).

That Friday evening, Sam took them to the roof of his building and peppered them with questions - don't you think this is too soon?  Would you advise me to wait a while longer?

The next day Sam was planning to meet me at the train station around 5 p.m. after he got off work.


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