How I met Sam - Our Engagement 2

So this Chinese man hands me a plaque and since I can't dig it out of boxes right now I'll try and remember what it said:

      Presented by
 The Hong Kong Police Department
This is to award you for your brave actions on the night of October 2nd 1999
during which a burglary occurred at this location
blah blah blah...

And there was some finer print which in my groggy state I failed to read carefully...

"and this award will demand of you a commitment for life..."

As I was looking this over I noticed the huge box sitting in the driveway.

My first thought was, "Oh great.  I can just imagine a huge, gaudy, gold and red-painted trophy which will have no place to sit but on the balcony in the rain.  Just what I need."

Now all this sounds quite unbelievable, except that a few weeks prior to this my accomplice who knocked the escaping burglar down did receive an official Citizenship Award and recognition from the Hong Kong police for her help in catching the thief.  


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