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So, on the home front we have a house that seemed to have sold, but then didn't.  We have school beginning in a couple weeks - 4 kids in 4 different schools (if you count home as school).  We have Sam leaving this week for an assist-a-friend running an M.K. school in another country (email me with questions: - for 10 days.  Mother-in-law leaves for a week to visit a friend in Canada.  And I will be at home trying to not yell at the kids.  (I need to revisit some of the Anger in Parenting issues I've written on previously).  Of course I won't yell at the kids.  Really.  I won't.  Because two weeks ago Sam set up the trampoline and when I need a breather I just go out there and jump 100 times.  It usually does the trick.

  The buyer for our house fell through on trying to get their loan - and we lost 6 prime weeks of selling time.  It could be aggravating, frustrating or disappointing - and is on some level.  But I keep saying, 'God is in control.  He has His reasons for this and I will trust He knows what He's doing.'  In the mean-time this means for us that we continue to live strapped financially since we pay rent + house payment.  It is easy to begin down a path to worry.  But God keeps providing for us and meeting our day to day needs.  I often tell myself, 'Give us this DAY our daily bread.  Not next week's, next month's or beyond.'  Trust, trust, trust - it sounds so simple, but to actually do it each day requires faith, faith, faith.

So there we have it.  Our latest news.


  1. Yes,, trust, trust...each challenge produces beautiful faith, faith, day at a time. Praying with you all. The Lord sees you! <3
    Much Love, Cynthia :)

    1. Thanks Cynthia! At least we DO have a wonderful house to rent in the meantime ;) I wonder how you're managing with 6!!! Your life must be crazy hard and wonderful all at the same time! Blessings to you - I still mean to reply to you one of these days.


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