How I met Sam - Our Engagement 4

This is how it had worked from Sam's angle:

The previous night he had interrogated the couple who knew us both before we knew each other.  "Do you think this is a bit fast?  Should I wait?  I've called her parents - they've given permission for me to ask Sarah - I'm thinking of asking her tomorrow - We've only known each other for 5 weeks.  Do you think I'm crazy?"  Thankfully, they told him of how quickly they were engaged and married, and how when you feel God leading you, you follow even if it seems a bit odd. I will forever be grateful to them for coming through for me! I'll have to check with Sam if they said some other things I'm forgetting...

He rigged up the email to send me messages throughout the day.  Then he phoned a package delivery company in Hong Kong and set up a meeting time at a nearby train station.  He had a package for them to deliver.  The meeting time was 2 p.m. (or so - can't recall).  Sam had bought the ring the week before (the day before our rooftop date).  He was continuing to trust that God was leading him in this relationship - to pursue this to the altar!

Being the efficient engineer that he is, he arrived at the station a few minutes early.  He waited 'til 2, then started looking for suspicious vehicles that might be the package delivery guys.  He waited, and waited.  He looked at the clock.  No-one was showing up.  Fifteen minutes pass.  Nothing.  Thirty minutes.  Nothing.

Sam started to pray.  "Lord, if you are leading me, let them show up.  If not, I'll take it from You that you want me to wait on this a little longer."  A few more minutes pass.  Nothing.  "Okay, Lord, It's 2:33.  If they're not here by 2:40, I'll take it You want me to wait."

When Sam relayed this to me, I just about freaked out.

"SEVEN Minutes!?!?!  You gave God SEVEN minutes?  You mean, my entire fate hung in the balance - and you were only willing to wait SEVEN minutes?!"

I had to calm down a bit after that - realizing that our theological premises are vastly different.  


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