Alphabet for Little Ones...Growing in the Lord

…by Sarah Logan (written for my kids)

A is for Adam, the first man that God made

B is for Believer – all those that are saved

C is for Confess – agreeing with what God says

D is for Delighting in Him – and all you do is blessed.

E is for Eternity – for time will never end

F is for Forgiven; knowing God is our Friend

G is for His Goodness, and Grace and Greatness too

H is for Heaven, where things are always new!

I is for Immortal – men’s souls shall never die

J is for Jesus – for my sins He died

K is for Kingdom – for Christ shall come to reign

L is for Living, as Jesus is today

M is for His mercy – my punishment He took.

N is for my Name, now written in His book.

O is for Offering – my thanks to Him I bring

P is for Praising Him, in thoughts and words I sing

Q is for Quitters, who don’t continue on

R is for Redemption – for those with sin now gone

S is for our Saviour, Who gave His life for me

T is for Truth – His Truth has set me free

U is for the Urgent – the choice of destiny

V is for the Vain ones – those who won’t believe

W is for Waiting – God longs to see men come

X is for eXciting – when one lost soul is won.

Y is for Yearning – a longing in each soul

Z is for Zealous – the joy of those who know:

They know where they are going, When time has passed and gone –

They know the love of Jesus, That with Him they can’t go wrong!


  1. This is so great Sarah...may I share it with my kids?

  2. to what tune is this sung? I would love it recorded so we could sing along to it!



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