How I Met Sam Part 17

My apologies to Dad for this post, but it is too funny to overlook.

So, they caught the one guy with Esther's help, and then they head off to chase the other three who were by this time scampering up the mountain behind our house. Esther and I walk up the hill to the front of our house where we wonder what we'll find. We aren't allowed to enter the house yet. I'm in my t-shirt and shorts that I'd happened to sleep in that night. Unfortunately, Dad's pj's aren't so modest.

Now, keep in mind there are like 20 camera media people standing out front of our house. Apparently a few police had taken the time to untie my Dad, who wasn't dead after all. Dad went straight to my room, hoping I was okay, only to find I was gone! With great anxiety he stepped out onto the balcony (still in his undershirt and tighty-whiteys) and starts yelling to the crowd below: "Where's Sarah!? She isn't here!" The media thought this was a sight to behold - foreign man in his underwear shouting from the balcony at 3 a.m. and started flashing away.

I had just been through one of the most horrifying experiences of my life and now my Dad is standing in his underwear with the media flashing shouting MY name.

Now for a part I didn't write - a commentary by my friend Lauran Harrison:

"This father's heart must have been dealing with incredible panic and fear for the previous hour or more.

Mr Crutchfield heard Sam screaming, his own wife was bound and gagged, and this kind, strong, wise man was absolutely powerless to help. He also knew that his attractive young daughter-- the miracle baby they had longed for for years before God finally gave them a child-- was in her bedroom, in all likelihood being stabbed herself.
When Mr. Crutchfield was freed and knew his wife was alive, he ran to his precious daughter's bedroom to find out if Sarah was all right, but she was gone, as were three of the attackers. Mr. Crutchfield had every reason to think Sarah had been hurt and abducted. Not one of us would have stopped to look for a bathrobe. (And the night of Sarah’s birth he had almost run off to the hospital in the same garb as in this incident!) Like every other one of us, he was searching and calling and trying to find his baby, no matter how grown up she was.
I can't help but cry at the shameful, disrespectful behavior of the Hong Kong press toward Sarah's wonderful father. He is an old man worthy of respect. May none of us ever have to walk in the shoes Mr. and Mrs. Crutchfield wore that night, eleven years ago."


  1. Thank you SO much, Lauran, for adding those incredible insights and perspectives!!!!!

    SO, true and SO insightful, to be able to think of and "experience" it from his possible, and likely perspective! Yes, what an incredible act of selflessness, his considering and being concerned about his daughter's need, safety and well-being, well before and above his own! SUCH amazing, courageous, selfless love!!!! How I respect a man like that!!!

    How I respect you, Lauran, for your courage to speak these truths, in love, as you did! Speaking up in his defense and honoring his father's heart!!!!! How I respect and appreciate Sarah, also for posting your additional comment!

    Thanks Sarah, for taking the time to write out your story for all of us to get to read!


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