How I Met Sam Part 18

I called up to Dad from below: "It's okay Dad, I'm here - you can go in now!" Thankfully he did and a few minutes later we were able to re-connect after this harrowing ordeal.

Turns out they had only bound and gagged Mom and Dad, and because Sam had put up a fight they wrestled, stabbed, strangled, beat up, stomped on his head, finally dropping an old fax machine (the huge bulky kind) on his head. This caused him to pass out, and he thought he was dying.

When Sam had come to, he found himself tied up and there was a lot of commotion. Next to where he was lying - right by his head - was the big meat cleaver. Sam thought they were about to behead him! A few minutes later when they realised he was 'awake' - they gathered 'round him and made the hand motion for money - since they couldn't speak English. At this Sam realised they hadn't come to kill him, only rob him. Sam gave them what he had and they ferretted around and found his camera and any other valuables and by this time the police were entering so they scurried off.

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