How I Met Sam Part 21

So they stitch Sam up, we get back home and it is now about 6:30 or so. The house is quiet. All four of us are 'okay' - Sam had the worst of it with attempted strangulation, stabbing, and stomping on his head. The rest of us were just in a daze.

Actually, the strangulation part is a bit interesting. Sam's sister, Rebecca, had once taken an Israeli martial arts class for some odd reason (she's known to try to learn all sorts of strange and interesting things). In her enthusiasm she had explained to Sam that if you are ever being strangled you should turn your head to the side which moves your windpipe over making it harder to cut off your air. When they were in the middle of strangling him he suddenly remembered this trick and did it and was able to continue to breath - that's when they decided to stomp on his head instead. So, her interesting, random piece of advice DID come in handy - though we would never have expected this!

We all gathered in the living room and watched the sun rise. Dad suggested we pray together and thank God for protecting our lives. That's when Sam offered to read the Bible together. He said, 'I'll just pick up where I left off yesterday - Psalm 56.'

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