How I Met Sam Part 8

So there I was, locked out at 9 p.m. on October 2nd. I was able to reach my mother on a cell phone and ask what I should do. ‘Our neighbours have keys,’ she said, ‘they live in another row of houses nearby – call them to find out where to go.’ I quickly found their house and got a spare key. Sam had asked Bas if he could come on Saturday evening so as not to travel so far on Sunday morning. Bas thought that was a good idea but then told him he had guests already and no room for him to stay. He gave him my parents phone number and said they would probably have room. I was told to get the guest room ready.
The funny thing is, I had specifically laid out my keys next to my bag and made a mental note 'Don't forget your keys, Sarah.' I couldn't figure out how I could've left them when I had been so careful about it. But God was proving Himself even in this small detail. You see, finding the neighbours at that specific time - neighbours who were American and could speak English - was going to prove to be very helpful come 3 a.m


  1. Oh, you are good at the cliffhangers...



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