How I Met Sam Part 19

Esther and I approached the house just as Sam was being brought out. I had thought that he surely must be dead by the fight that I witnessed - but he was still in one piece, albeit covered in blood. I will never forget the smell. When violent injuries occur and there is a lot of blood - well, our house smelled like a butcher's for days. Upon entering the house, I was sure to find someone, if not everyone dead or severely wounded. I smelled blood and saw blood stains on the carpet and walls. Then I saw our houseguest, Sam. He was shirtless and his whole torso was bright red and blood was oozing out of the three stab wounds on his chest. He was frightfully pale, but conscious and alert. The paramedics began to treat him. My parents were okay - just shook up.

I'll tell what happened from Sam's perspective.

So he came to our house intending to get a good night's sleep. At 3 a.m. he heard some noise but didn't open his eyes in case the Crutchfield's just happened to be needing to get something from his room in the middle of the night. A few moments later, he felt 3 hands on his chest and opened his eyes to three men standing above him with knives raised. "They're here to kill me" he thought and so he put up a struggle. After wrestling with them quite a bit Sam put his hand to his neck and saw that it was bloody - thinking they had sliced his jugular he began to feel weaker and weaker. But he kept fighting. When they got his head on the concrete floor (with a thin carpet on it) and started stomping on it with their boots he saw lights with every blow. Finally they picked up the huge fax machine and dropped it on his head. Then he thought, 'This is what it is like to die.' As he describes it, suddenly everything started closing in and the circle of vision just got smaller and smaller and when everything went black he thought he had just died. During the last few moments he was thinking about his family and how they might be so shocked and sad to think he had died so tragically, but how he had a sure and solid peace that he knew he'd be in heaven shortly. The verse, 'Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me...' was in his mind.

But a little while later he came to, with a bad headache of course and that's when he found out they only wanted money.

A little while later the police came and were trying to chase and find the burglars. Sam was aware of what was going on and was still tied up. He went to any policeman he could find and showed him his hands tied up with a request to be untied, and they looked at him, figured he wasn't the criminal they were searching for and left him tied up! Finally, someone had pity and untied him. I came inside and almost threw up from the smell of fresh blood. We decided to go outside for the paramedics to see him when they arrived and to get some fresh air.

Sam sat down on the ground, bleeding from multiple stab wounds and knicks and cuts all over his body. The ambulance couldn't fit it's bulk up our winding street and so they asked if Sam 'wanted' to go to the hospital. Of course he said that if they're asking I must not need to, so no. Of course all the rest of us said, 'That's crazy, of course you need to go.' Mom said, 'Sarah you go with him, you know the ropes there at the hospital now that you were there for your sprained ankle and head stitches.' So I accompanied Sam in the ambulance to the now, very familiar, hospital.

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