Encouragement Hymn

Here's a hymn I wrote a while back. Sing to the tune of Ashgrove. Or write your own, better tune. But I like Ashgrove myself.

The Lord is my refuge, He constantly comforts.

When I am discouraged, my burdens He bears.

Though my heart is sinful and damaged and broken,

When I lift my voice to Him, He always hears.

My sorrow He carries; my weak heart embraces,

My feet, though they stumble, He plants on high ground!

His voice ever calls me to come and go with Him;

To follow His leading where blessings are found.

The Lord is my helper in times of confusion.

With wisdom and mercy, He guides on the way.

With words of compassion He strengthens my spirit,

He gives me the power to serve and obey.

His Word is my guide and His Spirit my comfort,

His Son is my Savior, His body, my life.

With humble thanksgiving I offer these praises,

To God my Great Father whose Word is my light.


  1. I wanted to comment that I know this has rhyming and meter and that this is anathema to many. However, I like rhyming and meter and figure songs and hymns sound best with them. When people try the more 'free spirited' approach then they have to rely on musical gymnastics to fill in the gaps. Just my perspective anyways! :)

  2. Wow this is great! I had to look up the tune and in the process, I did not know about this great resource site, Hymnary.org.

    tune: http://www.hymnary.org/tune/ash_grove?tab=media


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