My Father’s Will

‘I want to do my Father’s will,’ I oft so glibly say.

‘As long as it’s not hard for me, I’ll follow in His way.’

Each day the struggle starts again: Whose Will shall I obey?

Will I follow Jesus my Lord? Or walk in my own way?

I often miss the point and ask, ‘Please Father, let this be!

I’ll follow You and do Your will, the while it pleases me.’

He gently chides and softly speaks, ‘My child, I love you so!

Fear keeps your heart from following the way you ought to go.

My perfect love casts out all fear, and in Me you find peace.

My will is not something to fear but in it find release.’

So much I want to change God’s will, and make it just like mine.

But recalling Christ’s words in prayer, ‘Lord, not my will, but Thine.’

And so with heart and mind refreshed from truths God spoke to me,

I start anew and pray again, ‘Lord, do Your will through me.’


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