How I Met Sam Part 12

I was in shock (and horror) at what was happening before my eyes. Watching violence live is most unappealing. Okay, that's an understatement - it is gut-wrenching. You want to scream, throw something, go in and grab the guys and fight them off. But somehow God took control of me and kept me from doing what my impusles demanded.

I shut the door. My heart was racing - I was beginning to panic. 'Call the police.' I thought. No, the phones are in their bedrooms - not mine! 'Run downstairs to that phone.' - No, I'd have to pass those two rooms again. My room was the next one they would be heading towards I assumed. 'Wait, this can't really be happening - is this happening?' So I opened the guest room door again to verify what my mind couldn't believe. 'Think think think!' No, this can't be happening! A third time (no comments on my stupidity please) I opened the door where the men were beating up Sam. This time all three men heard it, stopped, looked up at me, then went back to the fighting. Sam was still screaming his ranting prayers! By now they had wrestled him off the bed and were attempting to subdue him. It sounded like he was beginning to lose the fight.
I stood in the hallway, perplexed and stunned. I was not able to think, pray or reason – it was as if my mind had completely stopped and was incapable of thought.
I believe God clearly gave me His direction in these stunning moments.
Immediately the thought came into my head, ‘You must LEAVE! Now! Get out! Run for help!’
When I heard Sam screaming my heart went dead and cold and I said ‘I won’t grieve for someone I didn’t even know.’
I was sure they were killing him. My heart began to race.
Now for a little personal history: I had had quite a tumultuous teenage-hood and had often run away. I would do this when I was locked in my room for some reason or another - I would go out on our balcony, and either jump off of the car parked below (sorry, car) - or climb down a drain pipe attached to the outside of the building. I say this to show I was already experienced in escape from the first floor balcony :)
Without hesitation, I quickly ran through my room, locked it (to delay their pursuit which I felt would be imminent since they had all seemed to 'see' me), went to the balcony and jumped off onto the car, hopped down, praying my newly healed ankle would survive this abuse, and went running with every ounce of adrenaline rushing through my veins and carrying my bare feet over the ground without hardly even touching it!. Had I not known where they lived I would have had to try explaining to Chinese speaking neighbours the dire situation and convince them to let me phone the police. 


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