How I Met Sam Part 15

Okay, so we're in the bushes and Esther is with me and the police enter the house. There sounds like quite a scuffle going on and we are anxiously watching - wondering what's going on inside. I keep saying, 'They've killed my parents, Sam is dying. They've probably killed him by now.' Remember, I had seen them beating him up and watched the knives flying and the scuffle going on - to my horror!

Suddenly we see a few men come scuttling down the drain pipe of the house over the roof! Then another one shoots through the front door in an effort to escape.

Esther and I were cowering in the bushes as this was all unfolding. The guy who came out the front door, in a panic starts sprinting towards us as it seemed the best escape route. Of course he didn't see us behind the foliage.

The police started to chase him, but they were cloddy and clumsy with all their extra gadgets and knicknacks. The guy was getting away!

Esther - meek, humble, house-wife lady - says, 'I'm not letting him get away!'

Enter the oh, so handy toy rifle.

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