How I Met Sam Part 7

Let's back up a little.

I had been out of college two years. I had little or no direction in my life. I was basically putzing around working to feed myself and staying out of trouble. I had done a variety of jobs, and was pursuing further education. It was sort of a plateau in my life where I felt nothing was moving forward.

As for romance - I stayed far, far away. I had dated before, found it distasteful - someone always getting hurt - halfhearted commitments (on my part and others), treacherous, painful, ick! I gave up on that and said to God, 'I know dating is the way people do things these days, but it doesn't seem to fit my style very well. My ideal situation is that You would bring the man into my life, we would get to know each other a little - and we'd start from engagement and go from there. Since that is totally unrealistic God, and I see no way that could happen, I will just take it from You that You want me single the rest of my life. If, however, You have other plans, I'm still open to that, but it just seems impossible to me. And, as a side note, by staying single forever, I'm probably sparing the world of great misery.' - or something like that.

So that was before heading to Hong Kong. When I did go to Hong Kong I imagined that there would be no one I would meet in Hong Kong who would be a good fit for me as far as romance goes. I don't know why I thought that. Now all you Hong Kongers out there, don't take offense. It was just that I couldn't see that I'd be meeting anyone new etc. I'd be in classes most of the time and working the rest of the time and at home the rest of the rest of the time. If that makes sense. Which it probably doesn't so I'll proceed.

Anyways, so you have the brick clobbering incident. Then I had to wear an unsightly scarf all the time because of the nasty bald patch and the healing of my head which was really quite painful.

After the bad typhoon that cancelled church when Sam and I had that conversation in the kitchen, Sam decided to come to Church again, the following week, even though it was a 2 hour trip for him. The area he was in in China didn’t have any English speaking Church to attend and he didn’t know anywhere else to go. Someone in the U.S. had given him the name of our fellowship in Hong Kong and Bas’s contact details and that is how he had come in the first place.
"Hi, this is Sam Logan, and I was going to spend the night at Bas's house but he has guests and said you might have an empty bed..." And so at 9 p.m. on a Saturday Mom called me on my cell-phone telling me to get the room ready. That would've been fine if I hadn't been locked out of our house.

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