How I Met Sam Part 14

So we got the police to come and met them at the bottom of the hill/entrance to our village. As we were leaving the neighbours house to meet the police, Esther, the wife/mom said, 'Oh, let me grab something while we go watch...oh, here's a toy rifle, that'll do.' I guess she wanted something for protection. Surprisingly, it DID come in handy later.

The police, Esther, Lincoln and I started walking up the hill towards our house. The police had brought everyone with them and all their gadgets and tools. Just about 15 yards from our front door they told Esther and I to stand back in the bushes while they entered the house. I don't think any of us were thinking about what exactly to do - just to go in quickly and stop the whole ordeal.

Esther and I stood together in some bushes watching them enter the house.

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